Skincare Treatments



 First step, a clean dry face, then a neutralizing toner, followed up with a surgical sterile blade that is used to scrape off your vellus (peach fuzz) and your dead skin cells.  After, the entire face is covered with a treatment mask to help minimize excess peeling. The service is finished off with serum, a moisturizer, and sunscreen to protect and continue treating your skin even after you leave. Picture a mini facial! 



This service also feels like a mini facial but instead of a surgical grade blade, a diamond tip file is used to slough off the dead skin cells. This will not remove vellus (peach fuzz hair) but acts more like a microdermabrasion service and is great for acne scars and fine lines. There can be some discomfort as the dermafile is abrasive but it is followed up with a soothing mask, serum, mositurizer, and sunscreen like the dermaplane service.


Additional Information

There is not much downtime after your service besides avoiding sun or tanning beds for 48-72 hours after your service. You can even schedule your skincare treatment with your facial waxing for the same day.  Most clients notice and feel a difference after the first session. Your skin will be glowing and smooth. As your vellus hair starts to grow back it will remain soft and fuzzy just like it was to begin with. There’s no risk of your hair becoming darker. Fine lines and acne scars can be deteriorated with multiple sessions. However, if you have broken skin or cystic acne I recommend you let it clear up before your session to avoid a patchy service.